Lee Brilleaux's Guitar

Guild (USA)

The second of Lee's guitars I acquired is the famed Guild. This manufacturing company seems to have closed their doors just to be reopened again by a very famous guitar brand. What I hear about this make is, that it's indeed a good guitar. Except, yes, except that this one has a troubled history ...

While touring in the states in the 70's, this guitar's neck was broken! Snapped entirely. The culprit? A certain Mr. Nick Lowe who'd stumbled on stage in the dark. Of course, Lee Brilleaux dropped the two songs needing the service of this guitar from the set this evening. It was repaired and got the "Lee" bit on the neck at that time. If you see earlier pictures of this guitar, it doesn't have this feature yet (as can be seen in "From Roxette To Ramona - Dr. Feelgood And Wilko Johnson On Record" - the book can be bought through this website at http://www.drfeelgood.ch/book.htm).

Apparently, this used to be Lee's favourite guitar and seems to have been used quite a bit on stage. I'd say it's in an overall good shape (although I can't check it really). The guitar, being used by Lee during the heydays of Dr. Feelgood makes it a very important historical piece. This item, again, stays where it is and is not for sale! But fear not, as a consolidation: Grande-Archie Hämäläinen (Doctor's Order) will also, probably, have a go with this guitar on their latest CD release to be recorded sometime towards the end of 2005! Lee's guitars talking again!