From Roxette to Ramona

Dr. Feelgood and Wilko Johnson on Record


It was sometime in 2003 that Record Collector (U.K. magazine) had this piece of information in their publication. Almost two years ago! It feels like yesterday and yet, here we are:

Believe me, I am very proud of what we achieved here. I can safely say, this is what I wanted to see in print. This is a fitting tribute to four blokes setting out at the beginning of the 70's to play their kind of music. Here's what other people had to say about the book.

Some information about the book itself:

  • Hardcover with Dustcover 
  • 21.5 on 22.5 cms 
  • Approximately 2.3 kos. 
  • About 640 pages 
  • High quality printing on excellent smooth, white paper 
  • Hundreds of pictures (colour as well as black and white) 
  • Three essays on Dr. Feelgood, Wilko Johnson and collecting their releases. 
  • Worldwide discographical information 
  • 45rpm (7") tribute single to Dr. Feelgood/Lee Brilleaux by Doctor's Order 
  • ISBN 3-033-00460-1 

And here is the single (7" 45rpm) that comes with the book:

The book can be ordered as from now on from this site or through selected outlets. Payment is possible cash in a registered letter to my address, postal IMO (no other) to my address or by banktransfer. If you wish to make a banktransfer, please let me know and I'll send you the details you need.

Price per copy is                   EUR 70.00     (including p&p worldwide)

Roland Jost
Hauptstrasse 44
4153 Reinach BL

Contact: dr_feelgood (at)

Mailorder worldwide

Who's the we you see above all the time?

My name is

Roland Jost

and apart from being the webmaster of this site here, I'm a longtime Dr. Feelgood/Wilko Johnson fan. I could say that I have initiated the whole project with a little push from Rauno Mäkinen. Just to prove, that not only cheese and chocolate is coming from Switzerland. We can do quality books as well! And no, I'm not in a band and the fact that I used to play trumpet, clarinet and tin whistle is a lifetime ago.

The aforementioned

Rauno Mäkinen

hails from Tampere/Finland. Is one major Dr. Feelgood collector. You think I have a huge collection? Forget it, Rane has probably the most complete collection of Dr. Feelgood records (vinyl) in the world. Ask him on which record the groove on the A-side has a 90 degrees angle at 2:39 into the platter. He knows! Rane is playing the guitar in a band called the Misbeats!

And then, there's our teddy bear, Mr. 

Teppo Nättilä

out of Helsinki/Finland. Teppo has been a Dr. Feelgood record collector and fan about as long as I have and there's some pretty good stuff in his collection. He has interviewed most of the members of Dr. Feelgood at one time or another (because he's also writing for music magazines and does some work on Finnish radio). Teppo is playing bass in Doctor's Order.