Dr Feelgood  3d of September 1999 Oude Biltzijl Holland

I must admit, I haven't seen Dr.Feelgood since 1981 (!) ,  the day I saw them for the third time in Ruinerwold Holland. And now after 18 years I saw them back in some hard to find place in Holland. I had never seen none of the guys who are playing now in the band ,  ever before. Of course a lot of the golden oldies of the Feelgood history were played and I must say we had a great evening, the atmoshere was great, a big crowd, and I almost thought I lived 20 years ago. The band played down the house !!!! The new leadsinger had a bit of a slow start, but in the second set one could see he felt alright, sometimes his way of singing really reminded me of Eric Burdon.

But for me it was not the Dr Feelgood I remembered, wich doesn't have to be a problem though, I missed a whole part of the Feelgood history and I must say it's a miracle to me they are still playing and keep up the good work, I was glad I went to this gig and I sure will go again when they are around. But then I will go with another feeling, I'll go and see the band who play the Dr Feelgood heritage and play down the house with real English Rock & Roll, the music I like.

Albert Brunsting


This review is from Albert and kept intact. No tampering from me with this! And yes, I got his permission to show it here! I must admit, I never looked at it this way, a band playing the Dr. Feelgood heritage! I suppose I can live with that thought.