Lee Brilleaux's Guitar

Kids (Japan)

Some time ago (February 2005), I bought this item here off Ebay. It's Lee Brilleaux's Kids guitar which was used on stage by him for a couple of years. Kids is a brand from Japan and despite it's name, is not a toy for kids. In fact, I'm being told, these guitars are quite good. Unfortunately, I couldn't get much information about this product on the internet, as this company seems to be out of business these days.

The guitar itself was given to Lee as a gift and was his second best liked guitar after the Guild. Four years used on stage! I'm pretty sure I've seen Lee play the guitar live (if my mind is not playing tricks on me). Who would've thought I'd end up one day with the very item in my hands (I can't play a guitar, thanks for pointing this out). I'm fully aware that Lee wasn't the world's greatest guitar player, but to me, it's absolutely mindboggling to have this guitar here at my flat and being the proud owner of it. Especially considering the fact, that I'm not really a memorabilia collector. Record collector is my middle name!

When I got away with this one, I really wondered why there were not more Dr. Feelgood fans interested in an important item like this. GBP 857.77 doesn't seem to be the end of the world. Before you get any wrong ideas, I'm not selling this on. It stays where it is (and I even could learn how to play a guitar)! Grande-Archie Hämäläinen might get the guitar back to life on the new CD of Doctor's Order (recording commences towards the end of the year 2005)!