Lee Brilleaux Toby Jug

Originally made for the "Let It Roll" release (see picture on the left), there are four different items, one for each of the band members at the time. Lee Brilleaux, The Big Figure, Gypie Mayo and John B. Sparks. The only chance to get a few of these is to be on the lookout on the collectors market (if you buy online, make sure you get to see the items in high resolution pictures). Expect to pay a substantial amount of money though.

These jugs are very easily breakable and one is advised to take very good and extra care of it. I wouldn't use these to drink beer from, just in case you were thinking of using yours the next time you throw a party. Rumour has it that numbers of complete units produced are in the lower tens. However, I'm quite surprised of how many complete sets have turned up for sale during the last couple of months. I doubt that these toby jugs are as rare as some dealers want to have it (some dealers seem to think they can label everything as rare and then get a premium price for it). Especially considering their fragile state, their overall number must have been quite impressive (a good lot over the purported fourty complete units anyway). A lot of them must have been damaged beyond repair by now. The coating will have small cracks on all of them. This is not a damage as such, but I believe that this comes with the manufacturing process. I could be mistaken though, correct me!

This here was a gift by Teppo Nättilä to me. That's quite something, a Dr. Feelgood collector parting with one of his toby jugs is maybe even rarer than the item itself. Kiitos! Of course, this toby jug has pride of place watching over my Dr. Feelgood collection on both sides. And, as you can see on the left, Lee Brilleaux is also guarding our book "From Roxette To Ramona - Dr. Feelgood And Wilko Johnson On Record".

Now, all I have to do is to manage to get the other three from some friendly neighbourhood dealer. I'll keep you updated.