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So, 21.11.2005 4:47 Roland (email www)
I need to close this guest book once again for some time due to heavy spamming. It looks like this guest book has been chosen by someone on purpose. Sorry about this, but you need to contact me through the e-mail address above for the time being. I can add guest book entries manually. Thanks for your understanding.

Mo, 3.10.2005 4:47 Shane Johns (email www)

Hello from Australia
Hi Roland, 

I was unaware you were putting together a book. I hope you had the Australian side of the house covered. My website (linked above) has not been updated in some time but there are a couple of additions to my collection. I believe I now have a copy of each Feelgoods/ Wilko vinyl record released in Australia (except for the Wilko 7" which you have and some of the EMI represses of the original Festival albums). If you plan on updating/reprinting the book I can provide photos. 


Sa, 17.9.2005 3:37 Andy Till (email www)

Hey great website!have realy enjoyed the photo's. 
I've been a feelgood fan for ages now, they are the best band. 
I've seen the recent line up and got to have a go on phil mitchell's bass too! 

I got the pleasure this year to see Wilko too!What a great gig him and his band did! 

All the best! Andy (feelgood fan & Bass player) 

Mi, 31.8.2005 13:10 Roland (email www)

Guestbook enabled again!
Hi everyone! 
The guestbook is reinstalled at the moment. Critical comments are welcome! Even if you have totally different views to mine. Slandering however will not be tolerated. Read, think, write! Btw, I'm trying to start a Dr. Feelgood Blog at: - Feel free to place your comments there. 

Do, 21.7.2005 14:06 Roland (email www)

Guestbook disabled
Hi everyone! 
I've disabled the automatic entries to the guestbook (I might enable this again in a few months time!). Recently there has been a ton of spam here and I'm just sick of the porn links and whatever. This is no coincidence and is in line with some of the primitive entries and e-mails I keep on getting. I can add guestbook entries manually, thus giving me some sort of control and I don't have to do a daily check. Just e-mail me with the subject "guestbook entry" and I'll have it added here. To those spamming this guestbook, I hope you've had your fun! 

Do, 9.6.2005 11:48 Zelda (email)

An apology
With reference to the previous posting from Roland - I am the guilty party. I did not mean to cause offence to anyone at all, I was just voicing my alternative opinion. I must apologise for posting so much "drivel". 
I didnt want to post my email address before as I didnt want to receive abusive emails. Its on the site now but not for long as Roland says it will be deleted 

Di, 7.6.2005 10:56 Roland (email www)

Entries to the guestbook
Hi everyone! 
During the last few months, I've had to delete a couple of messages in this guestbook because some folks seem to think this is a trash bin. We can be of different opinions but 1) if you're unable to read and comprehend the statements and hence jump to the wrong conclusions, this is not part of my problem. I've explained myself to the point of exhaustion. I'm just plain tired of this stuff. 2) If you must post contrary opinions to mine in this guestbook, do it. I only ask you to be polite enough as not to forget the first few steps of decent communication. Ask your mom and dad in case you've forgotten. 3) I'll be watching this guestbook very closely and if some more of this stupid drivel shows up, it's going to be deleted faster than you can say "hi"! This kind of garbage can be posted elsewhere. Call it censorship, I don't care! 4) One more thing, although I don't request that you give your e-mail address when posting (I understand the concerns about getting on some spam list), it really speaks volumes that the most primitive messages were anonymous. Suit yourself! 

Mi, 2.3.2005 11:52 Giaco (email www)

Dr Feelgood
Images of Dr Feelgood and the Southend Music Archive now at Website. 
All are For Sale. 

Sa, 18.12.2004 21:48 grande-arcnie ()

Salute Roland! 
Have a drink and a smile! Merry Xmas! Happy New Year! 
Cheers Archie and Teppo 

Di, 30.11.2004 18:06 José-Luis (email)

do chönt me sich es läbelang mitenand unterhalte. 

Sa, 27.11.2004 14:32 Alex 
Your site was benefit to me. Thanks! 
Di, 17.8.2004 13:58 Teppo Nattila (email)


Hola Senor Roland! 
It´s hot here in Costa del Sol (Spain). Nice place to have 
a holiday. No music, but lots of good food and drinks and cuban 
cigars of course. 
Best wishes 
Teppo "Teddy Bear" Nattila 

Mi, 9.6.2004 18:03 JIM VAN RY (email)


Sa, 5.6.2004 10:41 Giaco (email www)

Image Gallery of Lee Brilleaux
Now Include Support Band of Lee Brilleaux Dr Feelgood. 

So, 9.5.2004 3:35 Markus 'Marty' Feldmann (email)

Way back when, when I was much younger and much better looking, I attended my first rock concert in the good old Volkshaus in Zurich, Switzerland. It was a Dr. Feelgood concert. Can't quite remember whether it was 1977, 1978 or 1979 (come to think of it, I can't remember a lot of things that happened in the late 70's...). I think (carefully, deliberately, slowly..) that maybe Wilko just got replaced John Mayo. What a night....(I remember that much..) of great blues and rock..... Never been the same since..... 

Anyway: just came across this site and will be spending a few more hours exploring... Thanks... I need this flashback. With best regards from the good old U.S. of A........ 

Fr, 23.4.2004 21:28 Porklash ( www)

"The" Feelgood site!
This is it! The one that matters! 
Looking forward to read your book! 


Mi, 7.4.2004 11:17 Giaco (email www)

Dr Feelgood
Some image of Lee and Wilko are available here. 

Di, 9.3.2004 3:05 Nick Brilleaux (email www)

Great site
This is a great Feelgood site, and if you haven't figured out already I am Lee's son, Nick. I appreciate all the kind words said about my dad, not just on this site but on all the Feelgood sites. My site is 

Mi, 19.11.2003 19:48 Ferg (email)

Wow, what a Feelgood site. And at last someone who agrees with me that Feelgood don't exist any more. I've seen them a couple of times at Memorials and though Steve is a great guitarist he does insist on going off on long, self-indulgent, blues solos. Dr. Feelgood are NOT a blues band. They were a rhythm'n'blues band, they were all about power and energy which is why the Wilko lineup will always be the best. They had some other rocking guitarists, but Steve Walwyn is just too keen on his solos. 

Remember: 'I'm here for those naughty rhythms!' 

Di, 9.9.2003 4:56 Martin (email)

I hope Lee is still making the that harp sing up there............It's almost worth looking forward to seeing him again. 

Mo, 23.12.2002 9:52 Archie (email www)

Merry X-mas and happier new year! 
Thank you Roland for your support! 

Do, 31.10.2002 3:17 Gabi Schwanke (email www)

Official DR FEELGOOD Website
Hi Roland, 
regarding the split of Dr Feelgood from former frontman and Lee Brilleaux successor Pete Gage you write on your Pete page: 
"Since he's not with the band anymore, he's being put down at every corner you care to turn to and his contributions to the band are belittled if not outright denied. Some folks seem to forget a few facts and get their priorities wrong." 
Well, I can only speak for my concerns, which is the management of the official DR FEELGOOD website, which by the way is appreciated and respected by all members past and present of Dr Feelgood, many other musicians from the "Canvey area" and countless fans and friends from all over the world. 
The material available there comes from various sources: my personal collection, various ex-Feelgoods, tour- & -management, friends, fans, even Lee Brilleaux's wife Shirley has contributed material for the content. There never were or will be restrictions or limits. As long as I am doing the website I will continue to write emotionally, honest and personally about anything I want and however I like. That's - how many others told me -what makes my pages so special in between all the other 
bands sites. Because of this, I naturally take attacks against the site, its contents and the band - which is Dr Feelgood in general (from the beginning to the end) personal, even if they 
are not spoken out directly. I am not deaf and my brain still works fine to add one and one together. Regarding the official website of Dr Feelgood in connection with your 
statement (quoted above), here's some fact you obviously have missed for some reasons: 
Nothing about Pete Gage, which was published and available at the official Dr Feelgood website during his time in the band has been take off or feleted or changed in meaning after his depature. Doing so would go against my nature. To me DR FEELGOOD is one "thing" always, a kind of family, no matter which line-up and band member. Lee has lived his life with and for the spirit and music of the band Dr Feelgood, and I will do so too. Yes, I even go to see ex-Feelgoods in other bands and enjoy it. Also I try not to miss a Lee Memorial show, etc etc... 
I love them all and NEVER would try or want to "delete" anyone from the past off the history of the band. After you're obviously not good in research, here's some links to pages of the official site which include Pete Gage in various ways: 
PETE GAGE - Solo recording activities: 
1995 - 1999, ON THE ROAD AGAIN: 
ALBUMS - On The Road Again: 
LETTER from Pete, August 1999: 
I hope this shows that noone from the current band nor the management is "cutting out" Pete Gage from the history of Dr Feelgood. He had his part in the band, 
same like many others who remain in our memories, some even return at the Lee memorials for the "family meetings" and to honour Lee. 
I'm tired of stuff some people cook in their heads not knowing all details... - If you or Teppo get the chance, ask Pete himself if he would call me an reliable and 
honest person. You then can decide to cut back and be fair or not. 
Gabi Schwanke, Hannover, Germany. 
~ A wise man enjoys the memories of a great past without ignoring the future. ~ 

Di, 25.7.2000 10:04 B.Sexton ()

He's my cousin 

Sa, 20.5.2000 21:47 Yukiko Akagawa (email)

The Pirates Article
Hi, Roland! I discovered the reference in the Beat Instrumental atricle on Wilko. Thank you so much telling me about this! 

Sa, 8.4.2000 23:35 Dirk Lindeboom (email)

Just surf in
I found your page by the offical page of Dr.Feelgood 
I will say you have a great page Going on 

Di, 14.3.2000 13:19 yukiko akagawa (email)

Lord Sutch
Hi, Roland! 
How are you? 
You've renewed the Screaming Lord Sutch page, haven't you? 
Incidentally, my email address changed to the above. 
(Just in case.) 
Talk to you soon! 

Mo, 6.3.2000 19:55 Auvo (email)

Hi! I saw the Feelgoods on stage here in Finland couple of months ago 
and I was shocked! I think, Pete was just great as singer of Dr. Feelgood. 
He had carisma and especially, he had the VOICE! But Robert.... he can`t 
sing or play harmonica. Lee`s shoes are big and just anyone can`t fit them. 
Pete did it great and I can`t see any future for the band without him. 

Sa, 26.2.2000 20:17 Stefan Gustavsson (email)

Hi Roland! 
Awriiight, I like your website very much, I`ll be a regular visitor! 
I`ve been a fan of Dr. Feelgood since 75!!! 
Best Regards from Jönköping in Sweden! 

Mo, 3.1.100 15:24 Yukiko Akagawa (email)

dr. feelgood quiz
hi, roland - i hit 6 each of your dr. feelgood quiz #1 and #2. 
ja-ne (cheers)! 

Di, 12.10.99 0:01 Gabi Schwanke (email www)

Your Practice
Hallo Roland! 
Deine Website ist ja ziemlich gewachsen im Laufe der Zeit! 
Werde mir schnellstens alles Neue offline durchlesen. 
Schade, die Meisten der tollen Photos passen leider nicht 
auf meinen Monitor (habe leider nur 17" Bildschirm) - kann 
ich deshalb (online) nur "puzzleartig" bewundern. Werde mir 
die besten Exemplare etwas verkleinern. 
Ansonsten kann man nur sagen, eine umfangreiche Website zur 
Freude aller (alten und neuen) Dr Feelgood & Wilko Fans!