Doctor's Order 2004

DOCCD 3003 "Shut Up, Doc!"


Hallelujah, Doctor's Order have released their 3rd studio CD "Shut Up, Doc!" and what a corker it is! But hold your horses, let's start at the beginning. This is the band with Mr. Tuominen (Dirty Harry) on drums. Otherwise it's still Mr. Hämäläinen (Grande-Archie - where's Lil' Archie?) on guitars and Mr. Nättilä (Teddy Bear) on bass. 

Of course, our favourite harmonica player Mr. Kaj Erik Ensio Takamäki is also present on this CD contributing some smoking harp. Other guest doctors are Mr. Pertti *Komisario" Palmu on saxophone (a first on any Doctor's Order recording and boy, does it work) and Mr. Juha Takanen on shaker and tambourine. You see, you're not done with the CD's by Doctor's Order you already have in your collection. This is an addition you want.

In a way, this CD sounds much more diversified than the former releases (yes, even more so than "The Real Thing"), but I might be mistaken, because I'm so impressed with the saxophone playing on this release (only on two tracks), that I could well be biased. Of the fifteen tracks on offer here, four are cover versions and excellent ones at that. These are versions that are not played note perfect but are versions in their own right. If a band does cover versions, that's really what I want to hear (otherwise I can listen to the originals). Of course, "No Mo Do Yakamo" and "Something Good" being a sort of tribute to Dr. Feelgood.

But since I heard my first slash of Doctor's Order, I have them down as an original band.  So, it's these self penned songs I really have been looking forward to. And I'm not saying, I expected them to deliver, but it's as close as I can get without sounding smug. They fucking did it!!!!!!! I've no idea how they can come up with these songs. Bands with a huge worldwide following don't have ten percent of the songwriting potential this band has. "Shut Up!" starts the whole rocking show, and it's not suitable listening for minors, but you'll be shouting along, trying to top Mr. Nättilä (you'll regret it the next day). 

A few instrumentals ("Peter Gunn" and "Chitlins Con Carne" being the other two cover versions) work very well. The last instrumental (also the last track on the CD) is "Doc Rides Again!". Our guitar maestro going country following 1000 head of cattle. YEEHAW! Archie, you need to switch to acoustic guitars, there's no electricity on the trail.

I'm sure everyone will have their own favourites among the many tunes on offer here, but "This Ol' Doc", "Money Talks, Bullshit Walks" and "Boogie Kind Of Thing" are as good as any others. "The Guv'ner Himself - A Tribute To Lee Brilleaux" is a remake of their own song which was originally released on the debut CD of Doctor's Order. And it's a radically different reworking. To tell it like it is, I do like the new version somewhat better. Did I tell you that I'm a sucker for a saxophone? I did already?

All I'm left to say is, that you should buy this CD if you value good music. And, of course, if you want to read the excellent liner notes by yours truly. Modest? What's that? "Si Si - Learn To Lingua"! 


Information and bookings:
DocOrder Records, Aleksis Kivenkatu 4-8 D 84, 00500 Helsinki, Finland
phone: +358 40 730 1578

CD costs UK£ 10.00 or EURO 15.00 for each CD (includes postage)

Other people have this to say about the CD:

Christof (Switzerland)

Thanks for the CD! A good solid album. Not unlike the other two studio releases from Doctor's Order. What kind of statement is this? Christof has lately joined the hard of hearing fraction, too much Rock'n'Roll and pot and being a seriously demented BJH fan has taken its toll! Hey, I know the BJH reference is not true, but I couldn't resist the cheap shot. Two out of three ain't bad!

Urs (Switzerland)

Very good CD indeed!  This is music the way I like it. There must be some pretty hot bands in Finland. I don't know what's with these guys, enthusiastic about the new Doctor's Order release and at a loss for words the minute you ask them. I suppose they need some coaching.

Hanspeter (Switzerland)

Fantastic CD again! I have all three Doctor's Order CD's transferred to my iPod and use it when I'm out cycling. Every time I want to give up, Doctor's Order give me a new lease of life and I can tackle the next steep hill. 

Yukiko (Japan)

The disc arrived last Friday.  Thank you for the great music.  Monday was a national holiday in Japan, so we had a long weekend, throughout which I was listening to the album.  As you wrote the guys made a further progress; the guitar solos are great, there are impressive 
melodies, and I enjoyed Peter Gunn so much. Your sleeve note was fun to read. Thank you very much again for the work which was well done.  I look forward to hearing many more from these guys.

Yuriko (Japan)

Thank you very much for the CD!! I really enjoyed it. I might have believed it, if you'd given me the copy in cassette tape saying it's outtakes of "The First Women and Slow Horses". (which is my most favourite Feelgood album after Wilko. People don't believe I've got my own favourite Feelgood albums without Wilko, but I DO!)