Doctor's Order 2006

DOCCD 3004 "The Doc Pack"

When I received this advance CD, it went straight into the player, soccer worldchampionship or not. There was no question about it. I don't know who played the match on the telly, but on the stereo it was Doctor's Order. The first thing that made me pay attention was the sound. It sounded like Doctor's Order went for a bass demonstration CD. I've been told in the meantime, that there was a remixing done and the bass is not as upfront as on this advance copy. I'm not sure what it is with the drum sound, but this is full and fat on this release. I can't remember ever hearing Dirty-Harry Tuominen with quite such a sound. Maybe this is studio wizardry. To my ears, this CD here goes a bit back to the first one ever by Doctor's Order ("Doctors In Disguise). Since I'm still playing that one on a regular schedule, this is not at all unwelcome. I felt right at home with the new release. This is not for the fainthearted.

Once more, most of the songs are originals by the band or have been written especially for them. I can't stress that fact enough. This is a band confident enough to work out their own songs. I expect to see the likes of "Einstein" or "Baby Goes Shopping" to turn up in their live set sooner or later. On some songs, you get the whole band on background vocals, even if sometimes only for a "hey hey hey". The saxophone has an even greater part on here (played by Pertti "Komisario" Palmu) and I still remember that some years ago, it was almost unthinkable for Doctor's Order to have a saxophone integrated in their songs. Times they are a-changing, so it seems. To me, being the old saxophone buff, this is another excellent additional to the songs.

Kaj Erik Ensio Takamäki on Harmonica as usual. When I listened to this copy, I went, "Shit, I haven't seen Ensio for a long time now, about time I'd made my next trip to Finland when he's playing another gig with Doctor's Order". He's not taking part in all of their live shows. Anyway, this must be very high on my agenda now. Well done Ensio, I like what you're doing here (again)!

There are a few surprises as well. Let me start with Pete Gage: He's the guest vocalist on two songs, namely "Tanqueray" and "Sweet Disposition", the latter an original collaboration between Doctor's Order and Pete Gage. Iven if you don't check the booklet, you'll sit up when Pete Gage comes in. He's a very good singer and I do like his style (and the CDs released under his own name) very much. It's simply fantastic that Pete contributed to the new Doctor's Order CD. Another guest singer, on two more songs, is Harry "Ronski" Sjöblom, he of the Ronski Gang. As far as I know, the Ronski Gang is something of a legend and still gets together for at least one gig annually. He can be heard on "Hitch Hike" and "Down At The Doctor's". The latter needs some getting used to (at least for me), but I'm sure I'll turn this around.

Grande-Archie Hämäläinen is playing Lee Brilleaux's Guild guitar on three tracks, namely "Tanqueray", "Live Like A Lord" and "Down At The Doctor's". According to Grande-Archie, I should be able to make out the difference in sound. I freely admit it, that's one thing I haven't managed so far. To be worked on, however. Considering the story of the Guild, this is really a point in Rock'n'Roll where history has been made and Doctor's Order are a part of it. This makes the CD extra special on top of all the reasons why one must buy and listen to this release. The fourth CD of the band and no sign of slowing down. As they say: Doctor's Order - Licence To Party.

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