Doctor's Order On Stage
Finland, January 2002

Lahti, January 5, 2002
Oulu, January 11, 2002
Kokkola, January 12, 2002

Rhythm'n'Bluesia as well as Rock'n'Rollia, indeed! If you happened to be at one of the above mentioned gigs, you got the whole lot. "Sure had a good time", as Doctor's Order sing in one of their songs. This is not a travelogue, as this experience is mine alone. Still, I think you should know about what you're missing here.

The mainstay is of course the songs from their CD "Doctors In Disguise" (last few copies available - see link on the external links page - or details on the page you came from), which is played almost entirely (minus two songs, if I'm correct). A few covers of songs that were played by Dr. Feelgood as well as a couple of new ones (originals by Doctor's Order). There are usually two sets at 45 minutes each plus the encore (big fat mammy, anyone?).

Depends on the venue, the band is either playing as a foursome or a threesome (minus harmonica). I had the good fortune to witness both on stage. It's great to have the harmonica player with them (Kaj Erik Ensio Takamäki), as he really does something for the sound. On the other hand, the band without the harmonica player manages just fine and Arto "Lil' Archie" Hämäläinen seems to play these little fillings where one would expect a harmonica. Still, sometimes I fully expected the harp to jump in. This is especially true with "Great Balls Of Fire".

Speaking of Lil' Archie, watching him on stage makes you feel good. He's got the kind of determination that Steve Walwyn has. Especially the little gimmicks were great to watch. Suddenly he's among the audience, playing his guitar down on the floor or sitting at the front of the stage and taking all the time in the world. Making quite the impression of being very relaxed (as relaxed as you can be in a band playing this kind of music).

Then there's Timppa "Madman" Väätäinen on drums. To this day I don't know why they call him the Madman (I did hear the story of course). Timppa is a drummer who never seems to miss a beat. I'm not the expert in drumming, but I can tell that he does a lot for the sound of the band. It's quite obvious that Timppa's drumming is the backbone of the band and that the others can bank on him to keep the music going. BTW, a bit of trivia here; Timppa's drumset belonged to Vinny Appice at one time. 

On bass and vocals you'll find Teppo "Teddy Bear" Nättilä. The rest of the band seems to refuse vocal duties, so this is all on Teppo's shoulders (or should I say vocal chords?). Teppo does have this funny habit of making his voice sound shot. I really thought his voice had gone on a few occasions and I was told later on, that this was a sort of gimmick. It sounds pretty convincing though. You'd never have guessed by just listening (I'm just listening to the Lahti recording, and there, he does it again! Right now!). Of course, Teppo is laying the rock solid foundation on his bass, together with Timppa, for the Doctor's Order set.

As for the new original songs, they did sound great. Judging from what I've heard live on stage, the upcoming second CD (expect it to be released about last quarter of 2002) will be again a killer release. I might hammer my point home with a Doctor's Order songlyric: "So It Is, So It Is, That's The Way It Is".

It wasn't just me, the audience in these venues enjoyed themselves to all expectations when Doctor's Order turned up to thirteen. I guess there'll be some punters who'll make it to the next gig again when the band is in town and when they can hear, the familiar greetings of Rhythm'n'Bluesia as well as Rock'n'Rollia. A good time is guaranteed! Take my word for it!

So, if you're in Finland on your holidays, make sure, you check Doctor's Order out, live on stage! If you're from Finland, why not make it a habit to go to their live gigs every time they have a date near you (+/- 200 kilometers). I guarantee you a good time with plenty of excellent music.

All this and not a word of chocolate and/or softdrinks with lots of sugar!

The Gig In Lahti

First Set Second Set
01. Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee
02. Rockin' My Life Away
03. You Betrayed Me Baby
04. Havin' A Good Time
05. A Cure For The Blues
06. Honey Hush
07. I Can Tell
08. Six-Pack Of Blues
09. Holy Moly
10. Peter Gunn
11. Going Back Home
12. Red Shoes And Rhythm & Blues
13. Can't Be Satisfied
14. Mellow Down Easy
15. The Guv'ner Himself - A Tribute To Lee Brilleaux
16. Talkin' 'Bout You
17. If My Baby Quits Me
18. So It Is
19. I've Heard It Before
20. Give Me A Break
21. Workaholic Not An Alcoholic
22. Down At The Doctors
23. Chitlins Con Pollo
24. Automobile
25. Doctor's Order Boogie
26. Doctor In Disguise
27. Cadillac
28. Great Balls Of Fire
29. Whole Lotta Shakin'