Reader's Opinions

From Roxette to Ramona - Dr. Feelgood and Wilko Johnson on Record


Wilko Johnson (Guitar / Dr. Feelgood + Solo)
Norman Watt-Roy (Bass / Wilko Johnson Band)
Monti (Drums / Wilko Johnson Band)

Very positive feedback from everyone in the Wilko Johnson Band.

John B. Sparks (Bass / Dr. Feelgood)

"Hi Roland, just a short message to thank you for the book you sent me.
I was very impressed by the quality and the amount of detail."

Gordon Russell (Guitar / Dr. Feelgood)

"Many thanks for the book. Would like to say congratulations. It's an incredible piece of work.
I've just had time to browse through so far, but what I've seen is great. I hope it's a big success for you."

Yukiko Akagawa (MC5 Website)

"I finally received your book last night.  Thank you so much.
It looks great - I didn't expect it so gorgeous, I mean, so many wonderful photos on glossy paper."

Steve Hooker (Rockabilly Rebel)

"Roland. Thanks for the book - fantastic. I doubt if i will get any work done today!!!?"

Yuriko Daikoku (Wilko Johnson Website)

"It is amazing!! I bet it's the best book ever published about Feelgood and Wilko!!
The volume of text, photos, and references..."

Michael Heatley (Northdown Publishing)

"Absolutely stunning book"

Dan Grunebaum (Japan Today / Metropolis)

Very positive feedback received.